Tips to Keep High-Mileage Cars in Shape, Part 1

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Does your car have more than 75,000 miles? If so, that shows it has been properly maintained. Now that it’s quite a bit older it may require extra attention to stay safely on the road for many more miles and years to come. Some of the best ways to ensure that your car can stand the test of time include the following:

Oil Changes:

When you change the oil in your car it keeps your vehicle lubricated, so all the parts can move the way they are designed. You want to keep the engine cooler and eliminate harmful buildup and debris from floating around the system. Also, it’s important to have other services such as fluid checks, visual inspections, and filter inspections.

Fluid Services:

High-mileage cars need fluid services so that the old, used-up transmission fluid doesn’t damage your vehicle. Transmission fluid is negatively impacted by heat and time, so having it serviced properly helps to protect the transmission and general performance.

Coolant Services:

You may also want to consider servicing out your vehicle’s coolant so that your engine can perform optimally. Coolant keeps your engine cool, as well as moving and redirecting heat around the engine, which prevents parts from overheating and becoming damaged.

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