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Five Types of Car Services You Should Know About

Car Services in Marysville, WAAs you may already know, different auto repair shops offer different car services. Some shops may cater to quick services that get you in and out within an hour or two, while others cater to more detailed reviews. In either case, it’s imperative to know the basics of car services so you can take your vehicle to the right place.

Oil and Filter Change

This is one of the most basic car services that most shops provide. Where you take your car to get an oil change may factor into the price of service, but it’s usually very affordable. During your oil and filter change, you may also receive other minor yet helpful maintenance features like tire pressure check and rotation, as well as fluid top-offs.

Interim Service

The interim service varies from shop to shop, but typically this service includes a visual inspection of about 35 or more components of the vehicle. This ensures optimal performance, even if no changes are required at the time of review. Some items checked may be your suspension, brake pads, fuel lines, and timing belt.

Full Service

The current recommendation for a full service for most cars is every 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). A full service is a more in-depth version of the interim service. It usually includes checking the coolant system, throttle response, distributor cap condition, and mounts for your gearbox and/or engine and providing repairs when necessary.

Major Service

This is similar to the full service, and some shops may not offer it since it is included in their full-service package. For those that don’t, it usually includes the inspection and replacement of spark plugs.

Manufacturer Service

This service is the most comprehensive and expensive. This is because it includes an in-depth inspection of every item in your vehicle’s service manual. From engine and transmission to electrical and computer systems, nothing goes unchecked. As far as car services go, this is the big one and isn’t needed often.