Fast & Affordable Brake Service in Marysville, WA

Working on Car Brakes
Working on Truck Brakes

Do your brakes squeal or grind when you press the pedal? As a vehicle owner, few things are as important to your safety as brake problems. If you suspect you need car care in Marysville, WA, bring your vehicle into the experienced technicians at Stryker Bros. We perform comprehensive diagnostics to determine if the problem involves worn brake pads, warped rotors, or something more serious.

Rely on our auto repair shop to ensure your brakes are fully operational and quiet again. As experienced auto technicians, we fix or replace any component related to your braking system—from the pads and shoes to the calipers and master cylinders. We work on all makes and models of cars and trucks—both foreign and domestic.

When Should You Replace Your Brake Pads?

Worn-out and old brake pads are inefficient and noisy. They can also be dangerous—causing accidents due to brake failure. Since pads are made of metal, ceramic, or organic material, they’ll slowly wear down each time you apply the brake pedal. Even though they last for thousands of miles, they do need inspections and repairs from time to time.

We provide complete brake service to ensure a quiet and safe braking system. Our auto shop has served the area since 1980, and we are a trusted service for accurate, affordable, and prompt repairs. We have access to a large inventory of pads, drums, and rotors for all makes and models. Don’t ignore the following indications of brake issues:

  • Brake Light Is On
  • Mushy, Squealing, or Grinding Brakes
  • Steering Wheel Wiggles When Braking
  • Car Pulls to One Side While Braking
  • Vibration When Braking
  • Clicking Noises When Braking
  • Burning Smell near the Wheels
  • Delayed Stopping Time

Fix Your Brakes the Right Way

The brakes on your car consist of five primary components: brake pads or shoes, rotors, calipers, brake lines, and the master cylinder. At our brake repair shop, we provide complete brake services to ensure your system is in optimal shape. For more than 30 years, we have been keeping drivers safe on the road. If you suspect your vehicle has a brake issue, it’s time to visit us for an inspection.

Contact us for brake pad repair or replacement if your brakes are grinding. Also, if you are wondering where there is a place for truck repair near me in Marysville, WA, we’ve got you covered. We service vehicles for customers throughout Marysville, Lake Stevens, Arlington, Granite Falls, and Snohomish, WA.