Finding a Specialist for Foreign Auto Repair in Marysville

Foreign Auto Repair in MarysvilleNot every vehicle is created equal. The main principles for the engine and electrical system are the same, for instance, but each manufacturer’s construction methods are different. This can be especially apparent with import automobiles compared to domestic models, where specialized training is often needed to work on them.

At Stryker Brothers, we are skilled and experienced with all types of vehicles. We’ll tell you here how to find a specialist for foreign auto repair in Marysville.

Taking your foreign car to the dealer for repairs can be very expensive due to the high labor rates and the cost of factory parts. You should look for an independent shop where their technicians have the required training to work on all models but without charging elevated prices. Talk to an employee of the service center to find out if they offer foreign auto repair and what they charge for labor.

These garages will tell you right up front if they work on all models or specialize in a few brands. Ask if they have flat hourly rates or do they expect more to work on a Japanese car, for instance, as compared to one from Detroit. Check the repair center’s website and look for testimonials. If they have several and they’re all different, then it’s a good sign that they do reliable work.