The Essentials of Car Care

Car Care in Marysville, WAOwning a vehicle is more a necessity than a convenience, and it’s not without demands. In addition to licensing, registration, and insurance, you have to take into account maintenance. Car care in Marysville, WA, is an ongoing commitment you have to stick to so your vehicle is safe and sound for the road.

At Stryker Brothers Automotive, we’ve worked on thousands of vehicles in our 40 years of operation, and we’re going to tell you what we consider the essentials of car care. With this information, you can ensure your automobile is ready to go when you are.

Let’s start with the engine because if it doesn’t work well, you’re not going to get far or anywhere at all. An oil change is a simple task that pays off in longevity and smooth operation for your motor.

Keep a close eye on the fluid levels such as coolant, transmission, power steering, and brakes. These need to be checked consistently to make sure they are within limits. Excessive fluid loss can indicate a leak or another problem with the vehicle. It’s car care checks such as these that find minor problems before they become significant, expensive issues.

When you need car care in Marysville, WA, be sure to take your auto to a shop where experienced professionals can perform diagnostics to find the problem and fix it for you right away. It’s a matter of safety.