Signs You Need Brake Service

Brake Service in Marysville, WA

Save your own life and the life of others by ensuring your brakes work properly. When you recognize potential problems, you can repair them before they become serious enough to compromise your safety or the safety of your passengers. Brakes are essential to your safety. The following are some of the most common signs that indicate you need brake service or repairs:

  • Squeaking & Grinding: High-pitched noises indicate a problem with your vehicle’s brake pads or shoes. Your brake pads wear down after a certain amount of use, and if they aren’t replaced, they cause damage to other components that make up your brakes. If you hear screeching noises when you are pressing on the brakes, have them checked out immediately.
  • Vibrations: Do you feel vibrations through your foot when it’s on the brake pedal, or through your hands on the steering wheel? If so, the cause may be worn brakes, so you should get them checked out by a reputable car repair shop.
  • Soft Brake Pedal: If you have to press the brake down harder than usual, your brakes may be compromising your safety. Take your vehicle into a shop as soon as possible for a thorough brake check.
  • Pulling to One Side: If your vehicle strays to one side or another while you are using your brakes, they may need adjusting, repairing, or additional fluid.

If you think you have a brake issue, bring your vehicle into Stryker Bros. for brake service in Marysville, WA.


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