Thorough & Accurate Car Diagnostic in Marysville, WA

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Is your engine light on or flashing?  Maybe the problem seems more serious, such as the engine knocking or stalling. Identify vehicle problems quickly by visiting Stryker Brothers Automotive for a complete car diagnostic in Marysville, WA. Whether you’re having issues with your engine or a light on the dashboard is on, you can depend on our technicians to locate the issue and provide an accurate repair. We use the latest equipment to address any auto repair issue.

So don’t let that blinking check engine light alarm you. We are experts at conducting a full range of automobile diagnostics throughout the local area. In fact, we have provided this service, as well as auto repair, since 1980. Our local-owned business has a reputation for providing upfront prices, honest work, and dependable services.

Comprehensive Auto Diagnostics

Let us figure out what’s wrong with your car with our vehicle diagnostics today. We offer computerized inspections that take from 15 minutes to two hours to locate the problem—from misfires and check engine lights to anti-lock brake issues and airbag malfunctions.

Do You Need Emission Repair?

If your vehicle is registered in our state, you must schedule car emissions inspections every two years. However, some zip codes are exempt from emissions testing. Also, you can apply for a waiver for several reasons. Visit the DMV website for more information.

One of the best ways to keep our state clean and beautiful is to keep car emissions to a minimum. Even though you may not see smoke, your car emits toxic fumes when you drive. If it has emission problems, then the amount of those fumes is compounded. In fact, 60 percent of America’s transportation emissions come from passenger cars and light trucks. Visit us for your emission repair & diagnostics. We repair everything from the engine to the tailpipes, including catalytic converters.

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to schedule an appointment if you need an emission repair. We proudly service vehicles for those in Marysville, Lake Stevens, Arlington, Granite Falls, and Snohomish, WA, as well as the surrounding areas.